Brag Sheet Instructions   

 Click here to get the -->  Brag Sheet Form  <-- MS Word Required.


  1. Fill out the front page of Brag Sheet completely.   Use a computer to type your answers.   Type the answers to questions 7-20 and attach.  I will not accept hand written Brag Sheets.    Ask Ms. Gusmão or Ms. Kohli for a paper form or go to to find the forms online.  
  2. Make copies of the completed Brag Sheet to give to other teachers from whom you are requesting recommendations or Student Information Sheet (to be filled out by your teachers).
  3. Fill out your identification information on the college recommendation forms or secondary school report. Ms. Gusmão will NOT complete forms that do not have your information filled in completely. 
  4. Print the university’s address and place three stamps on an 8 ½” by 11” mailing envelope for each recommendation and /or SSR.   Print the address of RHS in the upper left-hand corner.  
  5. Give Ms. Gusmão your completed Brag Sheet, your Secondary School Report(s) or recommendation form(s), and the stamped (with three stamps) addressed envelope(s).  
  6. Schedule an appointment for an interview with Ms. Gusmão.   *All interviews should be completed by November 10th.   You should give Ms. Gusmão a copy of your UC essay or college essay for a private college on or before the interview.   

ALL MATERIALS MUST BE GIVEN TO MS. GUSMÃO BY NOVEMBER 1st  FOR FORMS DUE FEBRUARY 1 OR EARLIER. Ms. Gusmão WILL NOT accept requests for recommendation letters after November1th. After that date you must ask your guidance counselor and / or teachers to write for you.